Thank you dear someone

I’ve been down trodden neglected and I’ve been cast aside
Left on the platform as the train of life passed so quickly by
Invisible to the many, by the few I was never seen
But I saw a great life possible, because someone believed in me

I Saw the TV show a life I could never grasp
Advertisements in magazines told me I was not enough.
Too small too dark too fat too thin, too old too young to compete
But I realised that didn’t matter when someone believed in me

Broken home, I’m not with mum and dad is never there
I was told I was I was nobody “who do you think you are” they would say.
Old clothes and torn shoes I lacked a polish and a sheen.
But I could overcome that that when someone believed in me

I finally understood the rules and I see there little game
They make you think you’re not good enough to keep you mentally in chains
Divide and rule and separate that’s always be their aim
Consume, hate and desecrate they want to lock you in a maze

I’m done with that I seen the truth
I am me and I am free
All my imperfection are source, a sign that I’m unique
And it all started when somebody near chose to believe in me

That someone can be anyone no matter where you’re from
You can change a person’s life with a smile, a word, a song
Now I can be that someone to say those words to change a life
Now I can show that struggles can empower from inside

Though the darkness I have come and now I can finally see
That I can believe in someone because someone believed in me

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