I’m drowning in a sea of conspiracies

QAnon, 5G and much more

And while shielding from a deadly old virus

A conspiracy has crept in, right through my open back door.

It’s a conspiracy of global proportions

Lapping at everyone’s shore

A conspiracy to make you befuddled

And it’s lurking under my dining room floor.


It’s a conspiracy of deadly proportions

And it’s destined to keep me so poor

It keeps me distracted with Netflix and Amazon

And consumer titbits to buy by the score


It’s a conspiracy so mind-bogglingly clever

It’s the cleverist thing I ever did saw

It buys up the basics of my existence

Selling them back to me at my big local store


It’s the ultimate scam by the scammers

And it’s a scam you can hardly ignore

Even the water that I drink I must pay for

They just don’t give a damn, that’s for sure.


From the banks in the City of London

To New York and its stock trading floor

It’s a game of replicating their Capital

And it’s corrupt to its capitalist core.


It scours the world for cheap labour

And plunders the world’s resources galore

It’s pushing the planet to the precipice

And we’ll end up like the big dinosaur


It’s a conspiracy by the arms manufacturers

It’s a conspiracy by Big Pharma too

It’s a conspiracy by the fossil fuel lobby

And they’re fleecing us ‘til we’re broken and blue


It’s a conspiracy by the fiendish food industry

Which poisons us in every conceivable way

It’s a conspiracy by the automobile industry

Whose pollution we must breathe everyday


It’s a conspiracy to keep me in debt

By mortgage or rent or by loans

It’s a conspiracy from cradle to grave

To make profit from my flesh and my bones.


It’s a conspiracy too teach me hate

To demonise and despise my fellow brother

And Murdoch won’t let me think straight

Now my brother has become the feared ‘Other’


It’s got me trapped in a hideously strong stranglehold

It’s got me pinned down with its bloody great claw

It’s a conspiracy that I can’t seem to break out of

And its practitioners don’t give a damn for the law


I know that the QAnon is a childish distraction

Fuelled by white supremacists promoting race war

Funded by US billionaire gangsters

Whose motives I totally deplore


I’m focused now on the real life conspiracy

And on alternatives that I’m seeking to explore

And I’m reaching out to my fellow counter conspirators

With whom I’m hoping to establish a rapport


It’s a matter of the gravest importance

It’s a matter to no longer ignore

Because in the time that I’ve written this polemic

The conspirators may ignite a world war.





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