Coffee Shop Reality

“Most of the hatred in this world is of the manufactured kind; created purposely, skilfully and manipulatively to keep the people fighting amongst themselves so the business elite can control the land we live on, the labour we expend and the goods and services we produce.

They continually propagate hatred based on the major themes of race, religion, nationality and sex; but any difference will do because it is conflict, they want, and conflict they encourage.

On the surface it may look like governments want peace, but this is just a smokescreen. Conflict amongst ourselves means that we are not looking at the scams of the rich elite who invariably want to remain in the shadows. In all wars it’s always the impoverished working class that fight each other. They die following orders, while vast profits go to those who sell the weapons, grab the oil, build the bases and take the occupied land.

Here’s what happens when the working class, be they English, Syrian, American, Iranian, Nigerian, French, Algerian, Russian, Chinese, Jamaican or Italian, meet in a coffee shop drinking latte. They talk about their lives, their loves, their passions, their families, their struggles, finding, work, paying bills, their dreams and then…..they will go home. How do I know this will happen?

I know because this interaction happens every minute, of every day, all over the world. This is real and this is life. All the rest is manufactured conflict.”

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