Syria – Puppets and warmongers exposed

Contrary to what the mainstream media would have us believe, Jeremy Corbyn’s first few months in charge of the Labour Party has been a resounding success and some of the seeds that he is presently sowing may well, if nurtured, yield handsome fruit in the years to come. Of course, the media has done its absolute best to undermine the man with subtle and not so subtle barbs of every conceivable nature; to his character, to his principles, even to his dress code and how low he bows. At every opportunity they have tried to belittle and demean him. He’s been lambasted as a coward, a communist and completely out of touch.

The list of his character and political failings seems endless. But Corbyn’s great success has been his quiet ability to expose those in the Labour Party machinery that are indeed cowardly in their convictions and sycophantic in their attitudes to both big business and the corporate media.

Corbyn has shown that many in the PLP have literally sold their souls in pursuit of poll ratings, favourable media coverage and celebrity status. This band of opportunists is the true progeny of Tony Blair. With their smart suits and their vacuous sound-bites, their every utterance is but a line scripted for them by their PR teams. They read from the tele-printer autocues, forever jostling for position in an attempt to better situate themselves should the opportunity for advancement suddenly arise. For Corbyn it is a daily dose of back stabbing from his colleagues whose sole aim it seems is to impress David Cameron, Barrack Obama and the entire military-industrial complex both sides of the Atlantic. No doubt they have one eye firmly fixed on a post-Westminster career in the lucrative corporate sector.

Corbyn wants an end to nuclear proliferation and war, as surely every sane person would. But it is not to be. Many of his own colleagues go against him at every opportunity. They manoeuvre and plot and almost froth at the mouth at the prospect of yet more war. Have these Labour MPs not seen the photos from Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Have they not witnessed the destructive power of nuclear power at Chernobyl and Fukushima? Have they forgotten so quickly the dehumanising pictures from Abu Ghraib prison? Have they learnt nothing from the Afghan, Iraq and Libyan debacles!

And do these military experts in the Labour Party think that Islamic State are just going to sit around in Raqqa, sipping coffee just waiting to be bombed? Don’t these Labour Party warmongering experts realise that IS will be rubbing their hands with glee as yet another infidel nation sets its military sights on yet another Muslim country. They want the west to bomb them so as to fan the flames of discontent. New recruits will be made. Existing recruits will be galvanised and energised. Labour’s military experts that voted against Corbyn’s principled leadership have fallen directly into the trap set by the worlds jihadists. And we, no doubt, will soon witness yet again the bloody blowback in European cities.

How easy it was for sixty of Corby’s Labour colleagues to send other people’s children to war. How easy it was to vote to obliterate Syrian families by remote control. A drone here, a missile there, a quick bombing sortie captured for the six o’clock news. Would Corbyn’s brave war mongering colleagues care to do some fighting themselves? I think not. Their cowardice and inhumanity will leave a stench for many years to come.

But Corbyn’s success has been to shine a light on these lets bomb them for the good of humanity Labour MP’s. And when in the near future these heroic Labour MP’s plead their innocence by claiming we weren’t given all the facts, the British population can look back and be proud of Corbyns steadfast leadership. A rare moment of both common sense and basic humanity in a world full to the brim of the very opposite, Corbyn has offered both Britain and the world at large an alternative path. And the British dare to claim that Corbyn’s leadership has not been a success. How wrong can they be. Corbyn’s real task is not so much to win elections or even stay in charge of the British Labour Party, but simply to open minds and set out an alternative narrative. By this criteria it could be said that Corbyn first few months as Labour Party leader has been a outstanding, unqualified success. Long may it continue.

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